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Make your project successful by lean construction planning and BIM service

A growing number of construction firms can be embracing the lean methodology that can be emphasized to maximize the value for the customer while minimizing the waste. The approach is so simple and attractive in the industry where the budgets, timeframes and the safety are all the critical.  But the project delivery and it is different than the traditional construction methods to make it properly for the execution of the philosophy and techniques are difficult to implement.  Lean construction planning is borrowed from the manufacturing approach to develop the Toyota after the World War II. It can be easier to produce, repeatable, forecast able results and it is the controlled environment of a factory floor than in the more unpredictable world in the construction filed. It has greater variation and the workflow distributions are to be expected.  It is also important to be noted that there is no cookie-cutter approach to lean constructionplanning. There are a number of tools which includes…

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